January 7th

The clock is still ticking
Counting down, never forward
Although you see its hands are moving
Not to the left, but to its usual right

I probably add the last number of my age
But the time say I must getting prepared
Because by some days and nights
I’ll be called to leave the world

It is the seventh of January
When I blow my candle once again
Asking myself have I said sorry
To all the hearts I’d scratched a pain

It is the seventh of January
When I circle the next year calendar
Look what I’ve done already
To the world, through the year

He says I can’t be only a bubble
As I have a mission and I need to realize
So when I see again the circle
I know this might be the last chance

And I can’t stop now
Until the angels come one day
I want to make sure they’ll take a bow
When they show me the last way


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Aku tak bisa kembali ke masa itu lagi
Sedikit demi sedikit, aku telah beranjak menjadi dewasa
Sambil terus memeluk impian yang takkan pernah pudar
Aku tak akan pernah menyerah untuk mencapai harapanku
[Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair OST]



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